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Getting Started

Dev environment

Working folder structure


Main Repositories


mix.core Repository


Required ASP.Net Core knowledge. For more information:

How to built & run:

cd mixcore

git clone

cd mix.core\src\Mix.Cms.Web

# Make sure you installed the latest dotnet core v5 SDK
# from here
dotnet build
dotnet run

Now you can access the site via https://localhost:5001. For the first time the CMS will redirect you to the Setup screen. Ref: Installation Section


If you can not see the Setup screen, try to check if the "mix.core\src\Mix.Cms.Web\appsettings.json" file is exist. Delete it then run again.

Project main folders:

├─Controllers # Default ASP.Net folder
│ └─data
├─Models # Default ASP.Net folder
├─Views # Default ASP.Net folder
│ ├─Data
│ ├─Home
│ ├─Init
│ ├─Module
│ ├─Page
│ ├─Portal
│ ├─Post
│ ├─Security
│ ├─Shared
│ │ └─Templates # Contain all of the theme's templates
│ │ └─material-kit
│ └─Vue
├─mix-app # This folder contain all of the compiled files
├─assets # This folder contain all of the theme's assets (eg. js, img, css...)
│ └─material-kit
└─uploads Repository


Required AngularJS knowledge. For more information: FYI, AngularJS framwork is just help us built the Admin Portal more fast and flexible. It is not related to mix.core server side or ASP.NET Core infrastructure. You still able to develop an admin portal with another trending framworks like Blazor, AngularIO, React, VueJS...

How to built:

cd mixcore

git clone

# install nodejs modules
npm i
npm install --global gulp-cli

# using gulp to build and export the portal front-end source
gulp build

# --> All of the front-end source will be exported to the following folder:
# ..\mixcore\mix.core\src\Mix.Cms.Web\wwwroot\mix-app

Latest source code always existing inside mix.core repository. If you did not changed anything, you don't needs to buid